Boiler Grants

Low income households now have access to a free boiler as a result of the government’s new ECO system to ultimately reduce costing in heating homes and in the process lower individual household’s carbon footprint contributing to a better environment for everyone. If you meet the requirements that the Government have set then a new boiler is yours.

Who qualifies?

If you receive benefits and your boiler is five years old than the chances are you are entitled to a brand new boiler, even if your boiler is less than five years old then a fully qualified engineer will come out to you for a boiler check and we will repair the boiler to make sure it is running up to the highest standards to make sure it is safe and it is cost effective. Another way you could qualify is if you have a child under 16 living at the household.

So Do You Qualify?

Home Owner

Current Boiler 5+ Years Old and is in need of a repair

Current Boiler 8+

Private Tenant

Get Income-Related Benefits

Mains Gas Supply



So Do You Qualify ?

There is a very high chance you and your family will qualify for a new Worcester Bosch Boiler from the Government's eco scheme.  please click on the apply now button and fill in a short form to see if you qualify.  If you do one of our engineers will be in touch very shortly and we will get your new boiler fitted as soon as possible so you can start saving on your energy bills immediately.

If you do not qualify - do not despair, we have a range of ways where we can supply you an eco friendly boiler for your home. 
Click Apply now and fill in the short form for an engineer to contact you very shortly.